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“ Finally going to work on my skin , so I can feel more confident.”

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                        Lets play a game! Skin care truth or dare?



 I have been living with hyperpigmentation (dark-spots) since middle school. And it really affected my confidence, I was always worried about how I looked or how people would like at me. My dream was to have perfect skin.  Being teased in school by my peers because of my skin condition was a nightmare. I tried everything I could think of, seeing a dermatologist, & using over the counter systems like proactive. when it comes to living life with acne and scarring, I have become a self-proclaimed champion of the people. People that suffer with skin conditions that is.

Eventually I turned to mother nature to help me understand and deal with my skin issues.I have learned to embrace my blemishes, and fight back by finding products that work for my skin.

Truth is, we all want perfect skin, but we don’t take the time out to learn and understand what our skin want and need.  I decided that I was finally going to work on my skin, so I can feel more confident. I started spending more time with my skin and uncovered a lot!!! Using my newly found knowledge, I was able to identify my skin type and give my skin the TLC it deserves.


I have combination skin, which means that I have a mixture of dry and oily skin. My T-Zone ( forehead, nose ,chin ) are oily and at times my cheeks can be a little dry.

 So for me, that means mandatory removal of make up at the end of each day, using gentle cleansers (harsh products can clog pores), Gentle exfoliation ( not daily) , maintaining moisturized skin , wearing sunscreen and avoiding oily products.



                        I challenge you to get to know your skin!

Skincare can be time consuming, and at the end of a long day, adding a 20 minute skin routine is the last thing on your mind. But your skin needs you! Its literally crying for your attention! So give your skin a little love, Learn more about your skins needs , and provide your body with its essentials.


Getting to know my skin has been the best decision ever. Now I can give my skin what it deserves.


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Love and Light Lovers,

Chanice Dionne